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Building Retrofit

In every occasion where a building component or piece of equipment requires replacement or renewal there is an opportunity to improve the utilization of energy and water by considering the incremental cost of a more efficient alternative in relation to its cost-saving potential. Our goal is to ensure mechanical/electrical equipment and systems are operating efficiently and are maintained to maximize the asset value of the building, so as to optimize the owner’s return on investment.

By implementing a Building Mechanical Systems Audit, we can determine consumption and cost of energy, heating and cooling load, as conservation measures of the facility. We improve mechanical distribution system efficiencies by incorporating modern ventilation hydraulic equipment into older equipment and by optimizing decisions on equipment maintenance. We provide testing for indoor air quality & comfort and excessive noise & vibration, test indoor air components and provide pressure pattern settings. We also implement a building automation controlling system. Monitoring phases are used to track the success of the energy retrofit and establish recording and reporting structure in the maintenance organization.

Key Benefits

bulletPhysically and Mentally Healthy Environment
bulletRelive Stress and Increase Productivity
bulletSave Energy and Maintenance cost


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