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Continuous Operation since 1958

Founding Member of National Building Comfort Testing Association (NBCTA 1970)

Member of Building Systems Commissioning Ltd. since 1982

Member of Canada Green Building Council

Member of American Solar Energy Society

Employee members of ASHRAE


Established in 1958, AICL has pioneered and continuously advanced in the knowledge, methodologies and skills required for the design, installation, auditing, testing and reporting of new building and retrofit HVAC and mechanical systems. Our mandate is to create a healthy and comfortable environment for building occupants, while ensuring peak operating performance and maximized cost savings for building owners and management companies.

AICL personnel, some of whom recently celebrated their 30th anniversary with the company, are qualified PhDs, engineers, engineering technologists and technicians with extensive experience in system design, auditing, reporting and HVAC “TAB-Testing Adjusting & Balancing” implementation. The testing procedures we apply are in accordance with the current standards published by ASHREA, NBCTA, NEBB, and AABC. Our CAD reports are certified, and we guarantee the reported performances.

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Credentials & Qualifications

Our operation is financially sound and highly organized, having sales, administrative, inspecting, engineering, testing and reporting groups. Having completed in excess of 30,000 projects, AICL has amassed an exhaustive reference library. In addition, we employ continuous education and training programs to remain current with the changing technology of building automatization. We are bondable and fully insured.

AICL participates in upwards of hundreds projects annually across Canada and around the world, including educational institutions, government buildings, military facilities, public service and law enforcement facilities, pharmaceutical, bio-chemical and technological facilities, corporate headquarters, entertainment facilities, Olympic facilities, hospitals and power generating stations.



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